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Suvarna Gold Company is a respected gold buying business entity buying small to large quantities of gold paying the best prices in throughout India . With so many people seeking quick cash, the gold market is rife with opportunists and dodgy deals.

You deserve transparency and honesty as selling gold can be an emotional commitment, so it’s only fair that people get the best treatment possible. We are a licensed gold buying business and not pawnbrokers or jewellers, we have extensive experience in the field of gold buying.

Be assured when you sell gold to us you are safe and secure dealing directly with the business owners in store at our security rated premises.

Who we are?

Suvarna Gold Company in Mangalore is one of the leading businesses in the Second Hand Gold Jewelry Buyers. Also known for Loans, Gold Buyers, Second Hand Gold Jewellery Buyers, Second Hand Jewellery Buyers, 24 Carat Gold Bar Buyers, Gold Bar Buyers, Second Hand Gold Coin Buyers, Release Pledged Gold Services and much more.

Gold is a great investment and at times, people monetise their gold holdings in tight financial situations. They also sell their old gold jewellery in exchange for a new one. Many prefer to sell their gold jewellery in return for good money. For this very reason, Second Hand Gold Jewellery Buyers exist.


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer free storage for up to 5 years, after which we reserve the right to charge a yearly nominal fee for the storage of your gold, which would be in the range of around 0.3 - 0.4% (per annum) of your gold balance.

We offer 24 Karat Gold of 9999 purity (99.99% pure).

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